Secondary Section



About Myself

Sheela Roger Fernandes

27 years

Date of Birth :- 7/16/1967 As a Teacher I am very sensitive, caring and loving. I love to teach Marathi.My Hobby is craft and singing. I am jovial, punctual and a optimist person.

Mrs. Rita Mendes

16 years

Date of Birth :- 6/13/1967
Qualification :- B.A.B.E.D (PHY)
I am high on energy, and have an infectious laugh. Singing is my forte and I have an optimistic and positive outlook.

Mrs. Nityasha N. Rawate

11 years

Date of Birth :- 11/6/1978
Qualification :- B.Sc. D.Ed
I like to read health magazines and articles related to nutrition and science. I am also interested in drawing and painting.

Mrs. Vaishali Sushant Bhosale

12 years

Date of Birth :- 9/20/1981
Qualification :- H.S.C D.Ed, Pursuing B.Sc. Maths (IInd year
I am very particular and systematic in my work. I like to serve my institution whole heartedly. My interest is to teach maths. I am approachable to the students who find maths diffficult.

Mr. Devesh M. Mishra

4 years

Date of Birth :- 11/2/1979
Qualification :-H.Sc. D.Ed.
I trust God. My hobbies are reading books and listening music.

Mrs. Maria Pooma Thomas

27 years

Date of Birth :- 1/17/1981
Qualification :- B.Sc. D.Ed.
I love teaching Maths and make it simple for my students. I’m very jovial and affectionate.

Mrs.Dipti N. Jadhav

2 1/2 years

Date of Birth :- 7/5/1981
Qualification :- M.A., B. Ed.
I like singing, reading story books, learning new recipes,cooking and dancing. I like to communicate with people and make new friends. I like to take challenges in life.

Mrs. Anitha Nair

17 years

Date of Birth :- 8/3/1972
Qualification :- MSCIT, B.Sc, B Ed, Certificate in Computer
I teach Science and Maths for Std 8th,9th and 10th. I too am Involved in Nature club activities of the school.

Mrs. Menon Ranjitha

6 years

Qualification :- B.Sc, B.EdAs a teacher I mould the tender young minds and hearts entrusted to my care.I teach Maths and Science for Secondary Section.

Mr.Vipul Dasharath Vartak

Date of Birth :- 9th January 1984
Qualification :- B.A.Bed In Marathi
I am a student of Padmshri Padmaja Fenani Jogalekaer. Done Background music for Commercial Drama’s like ‘Yeva Kokan Aapalach Asa, ‘Tuka Nay Maka’, Acted in different one act plays, and a good singer.

Mrs. Lincy Michaelin Justin Nadar

3 years

Date of Birth :- 2/12/1989
Qualification :- B.Sc , B.Ed
I am simple. I love to interact with students, I love to dance and play games on mobile. I am tech-savy.

Mrs. Helen D’souza

29 years

Date of Birth :- 6/5/1963 I am very hard working and a sincere person. I go out of my way to help people. I love to read books and magazines.

Ms.C.U. Supreya

31 years

Date of Birth :- 5/6/1964
Qualification :- B.A.D.Ed.
I teach English and History. I love to read books and also love animals.

Mrs. Kalpana Sunil Borse

17 years

Date of Birth :- 1/7/1974
Qualification :- A.T.D/ G.D.Art/ A.M.
I like Drawing, Dancing & Singing. I also like to read books and I love children.

Mrs. Mary John

8 years

Qualification :-M.A, B.Ed Being an open-minded person, life has taught me to accept anything and everything that comes my way with patience and positivity. Reading is my interest,apart from spending time with my loved ones, I too enjoy listening music.

Mrs. Selvi Gnana Chandran

9 years and 4th months

Date of Birth: – 11/20/1983
Qualification :- B.Sc, B.Ed
I am sincere with my work and trust God.Try for better future by putting my best foot forward.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Singh

13 years

Date of Birth :- 3/2/1978
Qualification :- B.A, D.Ed
To experience life through teaching others.

Menezes Lavina Linus

Date of Birth :- 8/19/1984
Qualification :- B.A, B.Ed
I enjoy reading books and trying out new recipes.

Mrs. Jesi Shobana Rajesh

5 1/2 years

Date of Birth :- 9/11/1984
Qualification :- M.A, B.Ed
I am warm & friendly, Love to make friends. Reading is my hobby.I like helping others.

Mrs. Smitha Pradeep Nair

Date of Birth :- 5/11/1978
Qualification :- M.Sc (Maths), Bachelor of Education, Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application.
I am a perfectionist with a very keen sense of dressing, my attire says it all. I try to complete the tasks given to me with utmost deligence and hardwork. My hobbies include cooking,reading and making artificial jewellery articles.

Mr. Vikas A. Singh

Date of Birth :- 5/11/1985
Qualification :- M.A. D.Ed.
I enjoy reading books. I am efficient, hardworking and sincere.

Mrs. Elvira Allan Vaz

5 years and 6 months

Date of Birth: – 11/16/1987
Qualification :- B.A, D.Ed
Teaching field has given me complete job satisfaction. I love my work.I am fun-loving,hardworking, punctual and full of life. I love drawing, painting,dancing and reading novels.

Mrs. Supriya Singh

9 years

Date of Birth :- 4/23/1985
Qualification :- B.A, B.Ed
I like to communicate with people and make lots of friends. I enjoy being with children.

Ms. Jovita Fernandes

3 years

Date of Birth :- 2/8/1989
Qualification :- M.A, B.Ed
I like shopping very much. I also like to read books especially books related to History,increase my knowledge and I like to experiment cooking new dishes.

Mrs. Vrushali Ajay Kuwar

9 years

Date of Birth :- 12/27/1981
Qualification :- B.A (Eng), D.Ed
As a teacher I am loving and caring .As a person simple,Jovial,optimistic and hospitable.God has gifted me with talents. I love to sing,dance. My hobby is art,craft,reading books and to learn something innovative. My vision is to live and let others live.

Mrs. Nutan Sanjay Khilari

22 years

Date of Birth :- 1/18/1963
Qualification :- B.A,M.Ed
I Nutan Khilari is very contended teaching in this institution . I make an effort to upgrade my knowledge.My hobby is to read books.

Mrs. Rita Arasan

16 years

Date of Birth :- 8/14/1972
Qualification :- B.Sc, B.Ed
I am very hardworking and dedicated teacher. Regularity and punctuality are the key words in my dictionary. I like to take up challenges. I am very kind and loving towards children and also my colleagues. Teaching is not only my vocation but also my interest and contribution for the society.

Mrs. Marie G Furtado

18 years

Date of Birth :- 1/6/1967
Qualification :- M.A, B.Ed
I am happy and contented with my job. Its nonour to teach in St. Xavier’s.I practise and inculcate discipline. I enjoy Educational Trips as it gives me a chance to learn with my students.

Mrs. Suchitra Nair Shivdas

20 years

Date of Birth: – 10/28/1969
Qualification :- B.Sc (Physics), B.Ed (Maths & Science), M.A English
I love music and reading. My Goal is To make my students Good Human Beings with strong moral values and socially acceptable professionals with an integral sense of discipline.I work hard for all round development of students.

Rai Kavita Rakesh

Date of Birth :- 26th Feb. 1980
Qualification :- B.Sc (Chemistry) B.Ed (Maths & Science)
I enjoy reading books and listening to music.

Mrs. Jacinta D’souza

Date of Birth :- 8/5/1960 As a person I am very warm & loving. As a teacher I am Hard-working Helpful. I work with dedication . I am happy & contended with my job. I stand for truth.

Mrs. Silvina Vincent D’souza

Date of Birth :- 9/16/1970I am a very warm,loving & caring. Singing is my passion. I too have my hands on Art & Craft. For me Every new day is a new experience.My vision is to reach out to weak students & those in need.

Mrs. Gracy Johny

19 years

Date of Birth :- 3/14/1962
Qualification :- B.A.
I am a calm and composed person , my passion for this profession has not only helped me to develop positive outlook towards life.It has helped me to grow as a caring , sympathetic and helpful person.

Mrs. Senira Sagoo

Date of Birth :- 9/4/1980
Qualification :- B.A.B.Ed.
Teaching at St. Xavier’s high school has given me a platform to realise my potentials and abilities. By making education easy , interesting and fun loving experience I wish to bring out the best in every child enabling Him/Her to make the world a better place.

Mrs. Neeta Santosh Kootingal

7 years

Date of Birth: – 6/16/1984
Qualification :- H.S.C. D.Ed
I am friendly, patient and loving.I try my best to reach out to those in need. I love teaching Maths. I am a good listener.I work with dedication.

Mrs. Deepa Hilton Rebairo

Date of Birth :- 7/4/1978
Qualification :- B.Sc. (Maths) B.Ed.
Drawing , colouring , listening to songs , watching reality shows, are somethings that I like.I enjoy doing Art & Craft ,love to read and listen to Biblical stories.

Mrs. Josephine Fernandes

8 years

Date of Birth: – 3/27/1971I can sum up my credentials as hard working and a sincere person, I believe a teacher should be a friend, philosopher and guide to the students and I try to be that. I appreciate discipline and I affirm to be a learner always.

Non Teaching Staff



About Myself

Mrs. Rajashree N.

29 years

Date of Birth :- 9/28/1964
Qualification :- SSC
I am proud to be in ST.Xaviers. I am happy & satisfied with my work.

Mrs. Lysamma Sam

22 years

Date of Birth :- 5/20/1966
Qualification :- B.Com
I work with sincerity and dedication. I like to complete the task entrusted to me on time.

Mrs. Reetha Peeyus

20 years

Date of Birth :- 5/4/1963
Qualification :- SSC Typewriting
I like to socialise and I am particular with my work.

Ram Chowdhary

22 years

Date of Birth :- 1/1/1970
I am honest, helpful and a fun-loving person.

Mr. Mangesh Padelkar

5 Years and 6 Months

Date of Birth :- 12/19/1977
Qualification :- HSC & Diploma in Ms-Office, Marathi, English & Hindi Typing with a speed of 30 wpm.
I Believe in Cordinating and executing tasks professionally and to the best of my ability. I am all ears to advice and suggestions from my Colleagues and adhere accordingly. Unity is strength and that is also my motivating factor.

Mrs. Ashwini P.P

Date of Birth :- 12/4/1971
Qualification :- B.Lib
I enjoy reading books. I am efficient, hardworking and sincere.




About Myself

Mr. Alex Joseph J.

19 years

Date of Birth :- 5/25/1970I am proud to work in this institution. I am very systematic in my work.

Mr. Sunil V. Soude

15 years

Date of Birth :- 6/2/1972II share a strong, warm & cordial relationship with students.

Mr. Joseph D’cunha

14 years

Date of Birth :- 12/19/1977I work in the library, I am very simple and deep-rooted family man.

Mr. Milind M Naik

5 years and 6months

Date of Birth :- 9/13/1983I am very affectionate and soft hearted. I have my hands at work all the time.

Mr. Pankaj Lakre

4 years

Date of Birth :- 4/10/1985Punctuality is a key word for me. I am very helpful and hardworking.