Primary Section

Name Experience About Myself
Ms.Vanessa Veigas

5 Yrs

VanessaVeigasAge :- 26 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A,T.T.CLearning for me is a fun loving experience and . I try my best to put this forth among my children. My friendly approach towards students helps me get closer to them. Children know me for my singing and creativity

Mrs. Lovely Shaijo

8 Yrs

LovelyShaijoAge :- 31 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A,T.T.CI am a fun loving and hardworking person. I love children and enjoy their company. I am passionate about dancing and enjoy doing any work that is challenging and requires creativity. I believe in giving my best in whatever I do.

Mrs. Latha Ramesh

21 Yrs

LathaRameshAge :- 48 Yrs

Qualification :- HSC D’EdI am a quite person by nature. I enjoy working and have a good bonding with my students. I do my work with full dedication, very co-operative and helpful anytime.

Mrs. Genevieve Rane

9 Yrs

GenevieveRaneAge :- 32 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A, T.T.CA peoples person, I love making friends. My hobbies include reading and travelling. I have a constant thirst for knowledge which helps me in my class to expand the horizons of my childrens learning, constantly updating my intellectual resources.

Miss. Nisha Ramashankar Gupta

3 Yrs

NishaRamashankarAge :- 27 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A,D.EdI consider myself strong, Open minded and direct. I am very trustworthy. I work everyday to improve myself and my skills. That is part of becoming better at what I do. My hobby is reading, travelling and listening to music in my free time.

Mrs. Sonia John Tribhuvan

4 Yrs

SoniaJohnAge :- 27 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A, D.EdI believe in the beauty of my inner strength and power for which my heart soars high to accomplish and mould my dream. I work hard to see that every child excel in life. I take the diffculties of life as a challenge.

Mrs. Elizabeth Stalin

20 Yrs.

ElizabethStalinAge :- 48 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A, B.EdTeaching is my passion. I love kids and therefore decided to take up this noble profession. I have worked in this institution for 21 yrs. My mission is to inspire and support young children. I believe that, a good teacher can inspire Hope ignite the imagination and instill a love for learning.

Mrs. Vidya Ajit Rane

24 Yrs

VidyaRaneAge :- 43 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A,T.T.CHi, I’m Vidya Ajit Rane. Teaching is my passion. Sincerity and Dedication runs through my veins. The game of cricket boosts my spirit. I ‘m fun loving and humorous.

Mrs. Glory Mary Koilraj

3 Yrs

GloryMaryAge :- 27 Yrs

Qualification :- H.S.C.,D.EdHi, I am Glory Mary Koilraj. I am working in St.Xaviers High School. My hobby is to dance and also to read story books.

Mrs. Indu Fartayal

19 Yrs

InduFartayaAge :- 47 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A, B.EdHello! Friends. I’m Mrs. Indu Fartayal. I am a teacher by profession .I am not into this profession only for name & money but because I love kids. For me ” Work is worship” I am a very hardworking , passionate, simple, funloving and dedicated person. I believe in all round development of a child.

Mrs. Julee Vinnarasi

3 Yrs

JuleeVinnarasiAge :- 25 Yrs

Qualification :- H.S.C.,D.EdA vivacious and vibrant person.I love all my children and try my best to bring excitement and enthusiasm in my class, so as to expand the knowledge of my little ones.

Mrs. Mary Johnson


MaryJohnsonAge :- 42 Yrs

Qualification :- H.S.C.,E.C.C.Ed, D.EdA vision to make a difference in the life of a child through education , I choose this vocation as a teacher. Teaching with joy and creativity is my strength.

Mrs. Sudha Madhana Gopal

3 Yrs

SudhaMadhanaAge :- 31 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A, D.EdI am a adaptable and adventurous individual who takes great pride in my ability to work in a team and motivate all those around me to offer their best in order to meet common objectives.

Mrs. Usha Ravindra Patil

30 Yrs

UshaRavindraPatilAge :- 48 Yrs

Qualification :- M.A, D.Ed, B.EdMy relationship with St.X.H.S Started from 1970 to date…… without a break!!!. This bond is growing stronger day by day. Books are my best friends. I put my heart and soul in the work assigned to me.

Mrs. Antoneth Mascarenhas

31 Yrs

AntonethAge :- 52 Yrs

Qualification :- S.S.C, D.EdLike to teach my students and help them to be good citizens.

Rita Philip Lobo

13 Yrs

RitaPhilipLoboAge :- 46 Yrs

Qualification :- T.T.C, B.AI am teaching in Primary Section. I love teaching the little children. At present I am the Class Teacher.

Mrs. Savita Alban Pereira

20 Yrs.

SavitaAlbanPereiraAge :- 39 Yrs

Qualification :- S.S.C,H.T.T.CI am a down to earth person and adore simplicity in life. I motivate students to express their artistic talents through Art & Craft. I do my job with sincerity and dedication.

Mrs. Anita Ramsey Pereira

14 Yrs

AnitaRamseyAge :- 46 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A,B.P,EdI teach here with love and dedication.

Mr. William J.Rodrigues

WilliamJRodriguesAge :- 46 Yrs

Qualification :- B.Com. B.Ed, P.G.D.M.E, M.AEducation for me is to bring the best out of the childs ability. Every child has the potential and I wish to nuture them by providing the necessary opportunities making them better citizens. Its my privilege to serve this institution by giving my best what God almighty has blessed.

Bhausahab Radhuji Lagad

18 Yrs

BausahubRLagadAge :- 44 Yrs

Qualification :- S.S.CI feel proud to be a part of this institution . I do my work with dedication.

Ms. H.M.Vijayalaxmi

4 1/2 Yrs

VijayalaxmiAge :- 49 Yrs

Qualification :- B.A, B. EdTeaching is a passion for me and wish to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs in whatever way possible- by finding their strengths and using it to overcome or cope with their weakness.

Jaya Francis Fernandes

1 Yr

JayaFrancisFernandesAge :- 38 Yrs

Qualification :- S.S.C, E.C.C. Ed.(Dip)I am a Remedial teacher. I like to teach little children

Jaya Jayanti Gambha

3 Yrs

JayaJayantiGambhaAge :- 31 Yrs

Qualification :- S.S.CKeeping the school , its premises and the washrooms clean and tidy makes it very hygienic for the little Primary children.

Suman Sunil Saude

13 Yrs

SumanSunilSaudeAge :- 41 Yrs

Qualification :- S.S.CKeeping the school , its premises and the washrooms clean and tidy makes it very hygienic for the little Primary children.

Alina Norbert Rodrigues

8 yrs

AlinaNorbertRodriguesAge :- 34 Yrs

Qualification :- B.ComI enjoy teaching children and I am fortunate to have an opportunity to work in this institution.

Roydon Noronha

8 Yrs

RoydonNoronhaAge :- 33 Yrs

Qualification :- HSCI am a very disciplined and energetic person. I enjoy to communicate with my peers and listen to music in my spare time and also very good in the sports field.

Sandra Fernandes


SandraFernandesAge :- 35 Yrs

Qualification :- B.ComMy greatest strengths as a teacher are being able to connect with the children and getting on their level. Teaching at St. Xaviers school conributes by allowing me the opportunity to work with children.

Being in Xaviers, I learned how to Listen and respect students and develop creative and well-thought out plans and activities.

Anthony Rodrigues


AnthonyRodriguesAge :- 40 Yrs

Qualification :- B.ComI try to make the children smile, listen and respect them and develop creative and well-thought out plans and activities. I believe that my strengths as a teacher are my passion for teaching, caring about my students, and being well-rounded.