Head Teacher (Primary Section)


We at St Xavier’s believe that schools are a reflection of the direction or state of the society. Exposure to various cultures, economic, religious strata of the society at a young age moulds the young minds to be aware and sensitive to the various dimensions of society around us. This helps us to understand the various kinds of factors that are embedded in the entity which we call society. Respect for all types of honest hard work, respect for human beings irrespective of their social, religious and economic backgrounds is embedded in the child when he/she studies with us. Values and ethics are imparted as the child learns with us. Every child is special and is talented, we believe. Encouragement to the all-round growth is our focus. Children are encouraged to believe in their talents and are helped to achieve their goals be it sports, music, crafts or any other skil1. The teacher student bond is strengthened with each passing day both as a guru and as a friend. The emotional needs and pressures of the child are understood by our well trained staff who continuously endeavour to help the child to bloom into a confident and successful individual who will always be an asset to the society and to the nation. Regular interactions with the counsellors help the children to face their fears and emerge stronger.

We don’t just teach, we help develop individuals that will shape the future of India in a manner that bring glory to every Indian. It’s not just another school it is an academy for all round excellence.